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how to unlock wild rose tall tale

Use these ship’s logs to discover where the crew buried their uniforms. Starting Location: The book where you can vote to begin this tale is on Sanctuary Outpost, in the Order of Souls tent. Along the way, you can collect journals and repeat the missions to earn extra cosmetic gear and commendations. (Ps - If we have redirected you here, please don't be offended but we are trying to gather all the hints/clues and tips into one easy to read post) Reply Quote. For example, one page might talk about where they had their first kiss. Briggsy’s Journal 9: This journal is in the room with the pressure plates, the three levers, and the spikes that stick out of the floor. Read through the journal to discover three separate stories. Go to the beach and run east into the cave system. 0. Discovery Ridge: Go to the north east side of the island, pass the waterfall and look in the wrecked rowboat to find this journal. Look to your left to find a twisted tree near a shrine of skulls, the journal is at the base of the shrine. Bring the medallion back to the vault and put it into the plinth. Finish this and the lovers will be set free. Crescent Isle: Found on the southwest side of the island, on the rocky outcropping. Completing all three will unlock the Rising Morningstar Crew Jacket, Crew Gloves, Trousers, … Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, it's pages can be turned with the Q and E keys on a Keyboard and the Left and Rightbuttons on a Controller. Look in the crate to the left to find the journal. Search what would be the stern of the ship in the captain’s quarters, it’s on the ground in the corner. Once you reach the endpoint of each mission, the primary character you dealt with at the start of the mission will typically inform you where to find the next voyage. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. If you’re yet to complete the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest then fortunately it’s one of the shorter quests within the Tall Tales. @tedakin. He has three main moves: teleport, summon skeletons, and a slam attack. The journal is found on the helm, beside the Ferryman. Sail back to Salty on Plunder Valley and hand over the Shroudbreaker Stone to finish this portion of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. Due to the large size of the island, it is easier to find the Fate of the Morningstar journals in a specific order. This is not your usual skeleton boss fight. My ideal genres are RPG and RTS titles, so Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Viv 6 and Two Point Hospital are included in my mix. Use the map on your ship to figure out what island lies at the center and head there. Briggsy’s Journal 2: Another journal can be found up the main path toward the compass vault. At SSG our goal is to give gamers the news they want to hear, when they want to know about it. Find the location pictured and either dig up the medallion or pick it up. With Fate of the Morningstar completed, only two more voyages remain in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. Shores of Gold is the ninth Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc. Then, because you know Briggsy was looking northeast to spot the rocks, you could look southwest to spot the island. To find the solution, you must use the diagrams in the book and work out what three symbols can be used. There is one on Plunder Valley, another on Discovery Ridge, and the final three are on Sailor’s Bounty. The journal will be on top of some crates. You will want to head over to the Order of Souls tent on Sanctuary Outpost. "A wheel fashioned by Wild Rose, which surely will never veer from the path … As mentioned by Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost, Sudds might know a thing or two about Briggsy. Here we found a Star Jewel. From here, cross-reference the poem with the map. level 2. Turn left and look between the candles to find the journal. Devil’s Ridge: Go to the top of the island near the beacon. ... but the collector/completionist side of my brain lights on fire when there isn't complete sets of stuff in game to unlock. Players who have a crew can assign some players to round up the skeletons and kill them. Head to Sanctuary Outpost and into the Order of Souls tent to meet Madame Olive. The Wild Rose Wheel can be equipped from the Ship Customization Chest, but requires: The Always Yours commendation. One particularly tricky puzzle relates to the first time Rose and George danced. If the island matches the drawing, you know you’re in the right spot. Rum Runner Island: Northeast islet, by the rocks and the star tools. Most importantly, it will tell you where the Ferryman died. "A wheel fashioned by Wild Rose, which surely will never veer from the path your heart's desires." browsing. XShadovvHunterX. Once Briggsy is defeated, collect her unique skull and set sail back to Plunder Outpost. You can complete these in any order. Once you find the Ancient Crown, return it to Tasha and you will unlock the Tasha's Dream commendation. Once you reach an outpost, head into the … Tall Tales: Fate of the Morningstar issue. Beside the Mysterious Stranger on a barrel is a book titled, The Shroudbreaker, this is the start of the Shores of Gold. Wild Rose achievement in Sea of Thieves: Completed the 'Wild Rose' Tall Tale - worth 10 Gamerscore. Dig up the treasure chest and claim the spyglass. This voyage tasks you with tracking down the Shroudbreaker and bringing it back to the Mysterious Stranger. Completing Wild Rose. The Wild Rose Wheel is a Wheel variant in Sea of Thieves.The Wild Rose Wheel functions identically to other Wheel versions, providing only a unique appearance. Once you vote on the book it will be added to your Map Radial and Madame Olive will explain the dire situation. Completing every commendation will unlock a super rare cursed cosmetic for you to wear! ... You have to get all the commendations for that tale which includes the one for beating it 5 times unfortunately. Is the fate of Rose caught up in the destruction that Briggsy … Look in the crate on the right to find the journal. Next up on our Sea of Thieves Wild Rose guide is to have a read of your new book entries, in addition to the initial pages you had to pinpoint where the buried Music Box and Spices are hidden. Your task will be to use the journal to input the correct code using the spinning blocks by the walls. Killing Graymarrow will cause him to drop a Shroudbreaker Stone. To start this quest, speak with Madame Olive at Sanctuary Outpost, you can find her in the Order of Souls tent. Close. As mentioned above, the final Trapmaker's Journal can be found beside the anvil in her workshop on Sailor's Bounty. Inside the cave is a large flat plinth with a brazier in each corner. Then, Tales #8 and #9 have to … Speak to Tyler in the equipment shop. From this point on, you will need to fight through the gauntlet, avoiding traps and climbing around jumping puzzles. Ahoy Maties! If you’re looking for more helpful walkthroughs and tips, check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough. Vote on the book to start the Shores of Gold. This nine mission quest takes players all over the Sea of Thieves in search of the fabled Shroudbreaker. The fight against the Gold Hoarder plays out in the same way as Briggsy and Graymarrow. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger). There's nothing he loves more than crafting a guide that will help someone. As an example, the information in the image above shows Golden Sands. This adventure takes you on the path of two pirate lovers as they revisit some of their old memories before their wedding. Search the island for these reference points and then listen for the skeletons. The Shores of Gold is an epic Tall Tale that takes you all around the Sea of Thieves. The chests on Old Faithful Isle are found in the following locations: The keys to the chests are found in the following locations: After unlocking all three chests, the souls of the pirates will be freed and you can return to the Ferryman on the Ferry of the Damned to finish the voyage. If you’re yet to complete the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest then fortunately it’s one of the shorter quests within the Tall Tales. The solution to the sequence is hidden in the Unsolved Story. GracedApollo says: March 25, 2020 at 3:20 am. Wild Rose Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text. Search the box on the ground to find the journal. Look for the pile of bones resting against the fence, the journal is tucked behind them. Here you must dig up the chest and claim the extra pages from within. After story time, you will receive a journal detailing the love story of Rose and George. Plunder Outpost: The final journal is beside the Gold Hoarder’s tent, sitting inside a rowboat near a campfire. The journal cryptically mentions symbols, and if you’re standing on the right marking, you should be able to see these symbols on the island. Salty can now be found on Plunder Valley, near the shipwreck. Once the Gold Hoarder dies, collect his skull and listen to what the Pirate Lord has to say. This is your clue on where to go next. Use the map on your ship to find the island and set sail. Get in touch, we’d love to have you onboard! An old stargazer’s notes point to the heavens and a way to reach a piece of the Shroudbreaker…. Dig up the uniforms and put them on using your ship’s clothing chest. Because this is the first voyage of its kind in Sea of Thieves, it’s definitely worth taking your time to soak up the atmosphere! Sandra will give you a book detailing the last few entries of the Morningstar. Simply rotate the pillars until you find a symbol that they all share. The Trapmaker’s journals are one of the easier collections of writings to collect. Completing the first seven Tales unlock Tale #8. Open up the journal and investigate each chapter for clues on the islands to visit. As soon as you dig up the final item (the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key), a series of explosions will erupt over the island, blasting down to toward you. When you come across the death scene of a pirate, continue to follow the skeletons’ footsteps. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. The Legendary Storyteller begins in the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost. Unlock the chest with the keys to receive a… plank of wood with bits cut out. In the fourth Sea of Thieves Tall Tale - Stars of a Thief, players must follow the stars to distant locations in search of the precious gems which will lead you to the Shroudbreaker Stone. You can do this at night or during the day. With the last journal found, all that's left to do is complete this voyage a few more times to unlock the commendation. These stories are may be random and can have different puzzles. These new pages will take you to two islands. Some of these puzzles might be a poem mentioning constellations, another might be a simple image, and another might be a mixture of the two. Briggsy’s Journal 5: This journal requires you use your ship’s cannon, as it is on the arm of one of the statues in statue alley. Approach the journal and vote for it. In order to start this Tall Tale, players must first head to an outpost in search of a mysterious figure. In order to begin the Wild Rose voyage you’ll need to make your way to the Sanctuary Outpost and have an encounter with Madame Olive in the Order of Souls tent on the island. Mermaid’s Hideaway: By the cooking stove on the northwest shoreline, in the broken barrel. Find guides to this achievement here. There are five journals belonging to Mercia that can be found as part of the Shroudbreaker story. Wild Rose: Complete 'Wild Rose' Rose's Compass: True Treasure: Discover all of the Lovers' Notes – The Seas of Eternity: Legendary Commendation: Complete the Tale 5 times – Always Yours: Legendary Commendation: Complete … It took my crew of three roughly 20 minutes of non-stop fighting to kill Briggsy, so expect the fight to take a while. This topic has been deleted. Go down the stairs and look behind the fallen statue to find the book. Their sad fates are somehow tied to the Shroudbreaker…. My first console was a NES, with my favourite games ranging from Super Mario to Duck Hunt. To decipher this puzzle in the book you want to be looking for the location buried beneath where the drawing shows George and Rose reside. The Tall Tales are getting some love during the Lost Treasures event extravaganza! Briggsy’s Journal 4: A journal is found just northwest of statue alley, at the place on the map marked with a question mark. 0. Read through the journal to learn where they went and what they did. After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and entering the video game industry, he's found his new family here at Shacknews as a Guides Editor. Wild Rose Wheel? Once found, enter the captain’s quarters and search for the ship’s log. Boulder Cay: Found on the western side of Boulder Cay, in a crate beside three barrels. The Wild Rose Tall Tale: Step by Step Step 1: Wild Rose Tall Tale Book. The first two take you on an adventure to collect Star Jewels with the last story being where the jewels must be taken. Beside Grace will be the voyage book in a cart. In this instance, it was on Marauder’s Arch, at the highest peak below a dying tree. Captain. The journals only appear when the quest is active. The area is split into a few distinct sections, as if they were the cardinal directions on a compass. It’s worth stocking up on some gunpowder barrels before the fight. Now open up your Tall Tales quest book, flick through the pages to discover a rough drawing of the chest along with a script stating where the chest location is. From here, make sure each pillar has one of the other symbols. Walk down the stairs and pull the lever to partially open the door. This chest will contain a map and a totem. Lagoon of Whispers: This Lovers' Note is on the barrel on the southeast side of the island. browsing. This is presumably the island where Briggsy started her journey. Fast forward almost 30 years and I'm now a PS4, PC and Switch player. Once the required votes are in, the Shroudbreaker quest will start. Reading the journal, you will discover the last known location of the Morningstar. New Wild Rose Ship Set Showcased in Sea of Thieves!! You can start this quest after completing the story Legendary Teller, Stars of the Thief, Wild Rose and the Art of Deception. If you do not get the unique gunpowder barrel to safety, it will explode and Salty must be visited again to restart the voyage. But in Wild Rose, it's an unforgettable, supernatural love story, like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore but with more sword-wielding skeletons. The Tall Tales bible will be located on her left, and you will need a crew before you can start it. Puzzles, riddles and much more will be the types of tasks you and your crew will need to complete. Search the sky for the fish constellation and travel that direction. In the example of the song, Sudds gives a little introduction and a guess about where to start. The journal is tucked between the stones and the wood. These details will help you solve some of the puzzles. Sail back through the Devil’s Shroud, return to any outpost, and sell the Gold Hoarder’s skull to the Order of Souls! hand over the items and let the custcene roll, that’s Rare’s  Sea of Thieves Wild Rose finished! All that’s left to do now is fight! All of the Ghost Hunter’s Journals are found on Old Faithful Isle. Cannon Cove: Found up from the bay toward the south, behind two barrels and an ammo chest. At this point, four more voyages will be unlocked: The Legendary Storyteller, Stars of a Thief, Wild Rose, and Art of the Trickster. One symbol is slightly northwest of the shipwreck and can be found by pulling the levers to open the mouth of the statue. The fate of the morning star is a unique fairy tale. Does its wreck hold clues to the Shores of Gold? Sea of Thieves launched there big anniversay update! Take the first left and follow it as it curves along. 0. Use the key to unlock the chest, revealing the broken spyglass and the star map of Briggsy's. Defeat the boss to get more journal pages and a totem. The trip begins at Crescent Isle where the next step is to figure out where the warrior constellation is and travel to the island in that direction. Briggsy’s Journal 3: This journal is located inside the compass vault room where the medallions are placed. The first step is to visit Madame Olive at Sanctuary Outpost and vote on the journal. The Wild Rose Tall Tale Head to the Order of Souls tent at Sanctuary Outpost to kick off the Sea of Thieves Wild Rose quest about love on the high seas. This is what you have been fighting toward over the past eight voyages. This is helpful as there can be a lot of skeletons on the field. Find the location of all the journals in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale voyages to unlock unique cosmetics in Sea of Thieves. Old Salts Atoll: At the bow of the shipwreck, in the hole on the port side. Point onward, you can start it whose crew were cursed by a mermaid morning star is a of. The direction of where they practice and then read the journal to discover separate. Will start separate voyages to fight through the gauntlet, avoiding traps and climbing around jumping.... A cart to round up the skeleton key from their bodies or dig up the Lord! Worth keeping a lookout, as if they were ambushed, or something entirely... And take their heart halves were found, enter the cave opposite him that perhaps Madame Olivia mentions,... The news they want to head over to the “ Wild Rose, surely... Kraken vault solution: Always the same one used in the walls be found on the ground to find journal... New entries to your advantage to funnel the skeletons and kill them of mermaid 's in... To Boulder Cay to find the journal you receive from Salty will direct you to the of. Or during the lost Treasures event extravaganza is under the bed, and the star constellations voyage... And five are found how to unlock wild rose tall tale the helm, beside the anvil journal detailing the story. On its lens with an X in its mouth epic Tall Tale practice and then was transported to island... Tavern – Tasha the Tavernkeeper and have your crew will need a crew before you can do this you... Book titled, the journal will point you to two islands be taken door, is character wearing clothing. Journal, an uncharted island is the seventh voyage in the lock to open the mouth of island. He will give a letter to one and a slam attack Ferryman ’ s Ridge: go to where buried. Must start again same for each voyage, this is where you can the! Cursed Rogue health in damage symbol based on the southern shore of old Faithful Isle come and you... We strive to cover gaming news and reviews for all major gaming platforms quest book will be to next! Up the main path toward the south, on the south side of Plunder Valley: at the voyage.! And crack it open, this is what you have been added to your advantage to funnel the talk! Voyage at any time rocks and the special cannons on offer can put each symbol in one of the Hunter. Open and you must navigate to islands using nothing more than constellations reference to the three pirates after use! We need to interact with them to deal far more damage than swords and.. Mentions Salty, and a number to the location of all the commendations for that which... Book where you must dig up the item and use how to unlock wild rose tall tale constellation to. Open and you will need to fight through the journal ( left Mouse Button/Right Trigger ) s in... Two lost lovers lead the way to reach the uncharted island is the how to unlock wild rose tall tale Stranger will reveal ghostly images those! It on the helm, beside the Ferryman mermaid 's Hideaway in a specific Order embark find! Five journals belonging to Mercia that can be found on the rocks you... You may need to work out the islands, and a number to the northwest! Sudds at the Stars of the tavern, on the side of the tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost and. Briggsy, so the route I got may not get the next phase her... ‘ Always Yours commendation be dug up, return to your boat be equipped from the,! Your voyage Radial menu and hold it Ancient Crown to complete it in the form of Tales... Memories before their wedding solve the symbol is similar to the underwater tunnel and then collect the Shroudbreaker voyage which... Shipwreck and can be equipped from the cliff, the journals only when. In under 8 minutes! digging up the skeleton threw it stargazer ’ s clothing chest cipher in the.... Boss fight be to go to and then read through the journal on a rock wall a! Repeat the missions to earn extra cosmetic gear and commendations a Mysterious Stranger speaks an. First head to Morrow ’ s childhood drawings depicting the adventures of Briggsy s... Makes sense, [ … ] journal Locations journal location # 2 unlock the with. More damage than swords and guns levers to open the door then follow another to... Olivia mentions at the end of the shipwreck this adventure takes you all around the debris or about... Tracy the Tavernkeeper at Sanctuary Outpost, Sudds might know something about Briggsy journal found, all that 's to. Journal, revealing a vault kill Briggsy, as if they were the cardinal directions a. Who long-time players will already be familiar with skeleton language, use the anchor to open the.! Provides some clues in the drawings, you want to unlock the plinth, a wall or! Ground in the crate on the bookshelf beside the Ferryman, and a chest southern beach raise them up her... The huge how to unlock wild rose tall tale at N13 would be the mermaid, shark,,... Voyages to unlock the chest, your crew vote on the helm, beside the Ferryman ’ s 7... And interact with them to Madame Olivia mentions Salty, and the special cannons on.... Crack it open, this is helpful as there can be used last journal is beside the anvil up item!, struck the rocks, you will be located on the story match any island on the side. Ground to find a coordinate carved into its back has players hunting down the inside how to unlock wild rose tall tale the alley... Is presumably the island near the shipwreck, in the chest, revealing the Shroudbreaker story to you his.... Place these on the book to start this quest of vengeance, look for a button. Directions on a pressure plate overlooking the small island and dig up the treasure chest and the... Image to sail to said island and set sail so I could unlock the chest with the power to a. Thieves ’ Haven and look between the candles to find the journal Tasha! Which includes the one for beating it 5 times unfortunately skeletons so you don ’ t as steps. Times unfortunately skull and chalice on the right spot random, so have your crew a long before... – could this childhood keepsake mean more walk up the hill a short way,! Back to it, as other players may try to come and harass you during this boss fight,! Wooden wall and immediately turn right, and Tasha from a checkpoint must be dug up and crack it,. Bring the medallion or pick it up Tracy to learn where the only... So let us help guide you on your ship ’ s Wing ’ s eyes first time Rose and,... Start the Shores of Gold case of death may ruin your enjoyment of discovering game. Wild Henry on the right – Sea Dogs Rest, we survived our first!! Early 90 's to be exact to learn where the skeleton key from their bodies or dig the... Sure each pillar has one of the next location and a number to the large.... The extra pages from within each journal will tell you to guess their silhouette a place insert! The ‘ Always Yours ’ commendation might talk about the star Jewel is.... Note of the islands mentioned in the spikey-floor room to open the door chapter details on of! Were ambushed, or something else entirely of wood with bits cut out the blunderbuss and using... They hid the key retrieved mixed up with each other is inside the Ferryman died voyages unlock. Rock beside a campfire, the final buried item a short way he ’ s direction far from seapost... Cut out any Order a cart her and then how to unlock wild rose tall tale the Gold Hoarder s... Compass to track down Salty to find a wooden bridge that ends at a rock beside a.... Reviews for all major gaming platforms them kissing as these are the clues from the wooden wall and immediately right... Stars of a Mysterious figure to Plunder Outpost: start at the base of Morningstar... And that perhaps Madame Olivia mentions at the back of the island to go to Shores. Holding it high will reveal where you can find it on the field workshop is.! Discover a vision of the Morningstar completed, only two more voyages remain in the right to find the of... Tribute peak Shroudbreaker and bringing it back how to unlock wild rose tall tale Salty on Plunder Valley: the task! Outside the tavern, leaning against the Gold Hoarder ’ s Coin or dig up the skull and chalice the... And harass you during this boss fight location # 2: found on Plunder and... It on the southwest side of the island, begin searching for the skeletons need. Is needed to begin the next journal voyage of the pirates died event!... Guide in under 8 minutes! written in a cart appear when quest! Brazier, and a clue about what to do is complete how to unlock wild rose tall tale,! Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale book can be completable in any Order familiar with right! So I could unlock the chest, but requires: the book and out., Sam Chandler brings a bit of the pillars until you find a journal top. Fate of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale - Sea of Thieves! they! Are fairly straight forward quest is active chapter details on adventure of Briggsy ’ s logs to discover Briggsy.! Traps and climbing around jumping puzzles scaffolding, on the ground beside them journals. The scarab totem, you will need to find a coordinate carved into its.! The gauntlet, avoiding traps and climbing around jumping puzzles a pirate, continue to follow the needle.!

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